Making room for the new control panels

Well, it appears all clones were not the same. Strange, isn’t it?

The bezels I received were of the correct shape for my specific clone, but a bit larger. About that larger:

2016-11-27 17.51.11

A bit of jigsaw action later, there you are:

2016-11-28 08.05.50

This is the side where the coin mechanism is, I had to cut all the extra room needed on one side only as I had not enough clearance next to the coin mech.

On the other side, I could center it and trim both edges:

2016-11-28 08.05.41

2016-11-28 08.05.36

The cuts are not perfect but I don’t really care because it will be covered by the bezels.

2016-11-28 08.06.20

Test fitting… Check!

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