Spring Clean

Let’s take this thing apart and clean it!


The coin mechanism had a rivet in it. Even tho the internals are for 20cents, you couldn’t fit a 20 cents coin anymore. Drill it, throw the rivet away, adjust the mechanism and there you go! The next step is removing the other rivets, clean it up and put some new rivets or bolts. I’m not gonna break into my own machines so nice allen head bolts might look better. We’ll see.


The stripped down, vacuumed upper cab. Not too bad, but could be a bit better.


That’s more like it. Sanding it a bit makes it look like new again. Well, almost, but I won’t do a perfect inside restoration. Purists will say that’s a crime but hey, how often do you open the hood?



The aluminium feet. What’s that felt on one of them? Well, I have a missing foot, and I reckpn it’s been missing for a loooong time seeing they decided to equip it with a bandaid felt foot. I’m still not sure if I’ll try to source the missing foot, replace all of them with pinball feet (they are a bit larger but the thread is the same, once shortened, they would definitely fit), or just put some rubber feet on the 4 legs.

The allen key engaged in one of the picture is my attempt to unscrew the aluminium from the rest of the leg, so I can sand the upper part to get a nice brushed metal finish without scratching the aluminium. It’s so tight I’ve let it sit in WD40 for a week, we’ll see how it goes.

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