Control panel

I had the bezels, but still nothing to attach the joystick and buttons to…

Let’s create the shape out of galvanised steel first and see if it fits alright:

2016-12-24 16.11.52

Mark the holes and drill them:

2016-12-24 17.20.49

Some sanding, not too much, to keep a tiny bit of galvanising and get a nice texture:

2016-12-24 17.20.54

Then create the back plate to create the panel / bezel / plate sandwich (or hamburger, depending on your tastes)

2016-12-24 18.30.27

And voilĂ ! One control panel was ready on Christmas day, just in time to get stuffed with all kinds of food and beverages!

2016-12-25 11.28.46

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