412-in-1 and monitor issues

Here’s the beast!

It’s tiny, it’s got Galaga too, plus 411 other games, it will fit without any issue and connects to the original arcade monitor. Theoretically.

When connected to the VGA output, everything is fine:

But here’s what happens when you use the CGA mode via the JAMMA harness:

Yep. CGA is 15Khz so the image is fine but the issue is, it really is a CGA mode, with a palette of 16 colours.

It was OKish on older games like Galaga and Pacman (even tho you could see some colour differences) but definitely not acceptable on newer ones, and the whole point of upgrading to a 412-in-1 was to get access to newer games too.

I know some people will cringe when reading that, but, it was time to upgrade the monitor to an LCD one.
To be honest, I explored a few options and was hesitant about that, but, it’s a clone so it doesn’t have to a perfect replica of what it was before, and when I saw a gorgeous the image was on the other monitor I was planning to use, there was no doubt it was the right direction to take.

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