Integrating the monitor in the cab

So, I had kept this Samsung 971P monitor for a while in case I needed a 4:3 monitor for an arcade project. What I didn’t know was it has a PVA panel with a viewing angle of 178 degrees, which makes it perfect for a cocktail cab!

It is a weird looking monitor, but the bezel is super flat, and the back of it kinda symmetrical and “level”.
I didn’t want to attach the monitor to the lid of the cab. Actually I’m not sure I could have, because of that weird stand.

But like I said, the back was symmetrical and it was easy to let it rest on its back with some support, so I came up with this idea:

I measured the thickness of the monitor and cut 2 MDF panels that would be just high enough so the monitor is flush with the lid. I used the brackets from the old blinds I had replaced during the house renovation (you really need to keep everything ;-)) to attach those to the bottom of the cab.

One is a bit longer because it had to go across the “pit” where the PSU is:

I could then just let the monitor rest on them:

I made the lid window bigger and once it’s closed, the monitor can’t move at all!

The glass on top of it will secure everything in place.
I really like this solution because it didn’t require any dangerous drilling in the monitor case, or uncasing.

Also, I could simply remove it from the cab and use it as before, although I won’t do that 🙂

This is how much bigger the new screen is compared to the old CRT!

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